Secon Freight Logistics

Education Centre 

Education and training is a key element to improving a company and being successful.

Secon is a great advocate for this concept and has created this area to help improve the knowledge base of our staff, customers, and potential clients to learn more about the transport industry without leaving the comfort of their own desk.

I hope you find this area helpful,

Brendon Considine

Chain of Responsibility    
Learn about the chain of responsibility within the transport industry. Who is responsible for what, and what duty of care is required.

VicRoads Compliance
Learn about the road laws within Victoria regarding B-doubles and legal weights allowed to be carried. 

Container Specifications
Learn about different container specifications regarding their weight capacities and dimensions. 
Dangerous Goods   
Learn more about transporting and storing dangerous goods. 

Industry Key Locations
Learn about the key locations within the transport industry. Includes wharves, weighbridges and empty yards

Glossary of Terms
Find it difficult to understand the jargon used within the transport industry? Find all you need here to help you understand. 

Industry History

Find out about the transport industry and how it began. 

Learn more about depot section 77G and Warehouse 79. 

Learn more about Secon's Procedures and Quarantine approved premises.

Overdimensional Loads
Learn more about the legal dimensions of loads trucks can carry 

Pallet Types
Learn about the common Pallet types used within the transport industry.

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