Secon Freight Logistics

SECON – Strong ambitions and a new look for 2017

Secon is a business with a long and proud history in the freight logistics industry, but our focus is always on the future.

That’s why we’ve recently undertaken a company-wide rebranding project, which you will see rolling out in our depots, on the roads and online throughout 2017.

We wanted to ensure our brand was strong enough to do service to our great reputation with existing customers. A brand that better communicates to the public our heritage, expertise and experience as a complete freight logistics provider, and that best highlights our core services. A brand that could support the exciting plans we have for Secon over the next few years.

The new look includes a modernised logo, strengthening of our core Secon colours, and a positioning statement that showcases our company values. It will roll out across our entire fleet, properties and on a new Secon website.

We have also been busy updating a number of our business systems;

- All vehicles fitted telematics devices that allow for live communication between our fleet, operations and customer base.

- Optical Character Recognition Technology software being installed to process bookings faster and more accurate that does not infringe on our customers current data delivery methods.

- Event Notification, allowing us to provide to the minute updates to clients as their delivery moves through our supply chain.

- A new warehouse management system that fully integrates with our Transport Management System. This will enable a clearer view of productivity and account management.

The first rebranded Secon trucks are on the road now.

So keep an eye out - or just check out this photo - for your first glimpse of the new Secon. A fresh face for the logistics company you can rely on for service, experience and trust… delivered.

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